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craftkharido is from gujarat
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Craftkharido is providing wide range of handicraft products like handicraft bags in different varites. lampshade in 2 different variety Hanging Lamps : handmade hanging lamps with mirror, mosaic and beautiful bead work in antique shape.Table Lamps : handmade table lamps in different size and shape with beautiful bead ,mosaic and mirror work in attractive colors.Wall clocks with wood carving , iron metalic and handmade hand painted work.Photo Frames with wood carving work.Candle Lights in different shapes and sizes.Wall Decor in different type of hooks and wooden base candle holder having speci
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al effect.Gifts is a very special colum to help customer to choose all products for any occasion.Craftkharido is having huge focus on customer service by providing good packaging and delivery. Craftkharido provide all handicraft products in affordable price