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We have finally changed the design after 2 years of using the ocean blue theme. We didn’t change much from the original structure but we have a new design approach.

We evolved from the spectacular curves to the abstract world of straight lines and squares. We made the content a bit more visible by enlarging the portfolio images and designing on a much lighter background. We did not make this design to be “vintage” because we don’t want to look back. What we do with this new design is put forward a new way to use regular shapes.

Because of the release of this new design, we will release in a couple of days the previous theme (this one) as a Free WordPress Theme, which over the past couple of years, a whole lot of people have asked for. Stay Tuned!

Also, if you’re here, please subscribe to our new e-mail list or follow our twitter.  We will never share your e-mail with anybody else.

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