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Konema has strengthened the position of Nemesis International with his sincere efforts and great leadership. Young entrepreneurs have started following his journey and inherit his leadership skills from his great body of work.
Hundreds of different types of fall protection equipment, designed be incorporated in either a fall restraint or a fall arrest system, are sold on a daily basis. And it is the duty of the trained and designated Competent Person to determine which of these systems should be incorporated on the job site to keep employees out of harm’s way.

Hostinzer Nepal is a web hosting company based in Nepal. we have been in the business since 1994 and trust us no one knows how to handle web hosting better in Nepal. we provides all sorts of web hosting services to our clients. shared web hosting, VPS, Dedicated servers are some of the examples.
Fall protection system is a protection option that OSHA requirements for the worker on construction sites. Fall arrest system and Guardrail system is used to protect the worker to fall.
Fall arrest system is a form of fall protection system which is used to protect the worker when they are working at the roof. Fall Arrest, Guardrail etc are the best examples of fall protection system.
Ris System refers to radiological information system is the core system for the electronic management of imaging departments. Generally RIS system is a networked software system for managing medical imagery and associated data system. The major functions of the RIS can include patient scheduling, resource management, examination performance tracking, examination interpretation.It is often used in conjunction with PACS and VNAs to manage image archives, record-keeping and billing.
Fall restraint system is used to prevent you from falling. In the Fall Restraint system, a line is attached to an anchor and your hardness or safety belt in such a way that you can not fall. CAIsafety provides the special design fall restraint who helps the employees to work at the height with the fear of fall.
Phillip Island Penguin Parade Tour is one of the most famous destinations in Australia where you will get the opportunity to view the Penguin Parade as they get back home to the island. You can also view the whole activity from an elevated platform and a beautiful history of Phillip Island and some fun facts and trivia. With Acaciatours, you can explore and enjoy this famous destination in Australia.
A ladder is used for different purposes like a whitewash, carpentry and many more. The portable ladder is safer and easy to handle. Most of the industries prefer to use it. CAIsaftey provides the best safety equipment which is specially designed for the employees who is working at the height.
OSHA requires the organization that provides the training to the employees exposed the training hazards. It will help to prevent the accident and also show the proper utilization of safety equipment. If you are looking the fall protection training to the employees visit the CAIsafety website now.
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