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From Tom Hogarty’s blog: "The Lightroom and Camera Raw team would like to inform you of a potentially severe bug that was introduced in the Lightroom 3.4 and Camera Raw 6.4 update. Please note that this bug only impacts customers who are saving metadata to JPEG files with a rare characteristic. (JPEG files must have an unusually large block of private camera data included in the file to be susceptible to the bug. To date we’ve only found one camera that generates these large blocks of private data, the HP PhotoSmart R607.)

"This scenario is so rare that we do not believe that it is
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necessary for customers who have already upgraded to revert to the previous version of Lightroom or Camera Raw. However, the bug could cause image corruption which falls within our highest severity category of bugs. The team believes it’s very important to notify you of the risk and provide an estimate of when we will be able to deliver a correction in the form of Lightroom 3.4.1 and Camera Raw 6.4.1. We intend to have these updates available by Friday, May 27th."

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There are only 24 hours left to get HDR Express at a 20% Savings. Whether you're new to HDR photography or an expert, you'll be amazed by the power and ease of HDR Express for creating stunning High Dynamic Range images that will truly impress. onOne has partnered with Unified Color Technologies to offer HDR Express for only $79.95 (20% savings) through May 20th. HDR Express is the perfect complement to onOne's Perfect Photo Suite, giving you professional HDR results in the blink of an eye.

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Love the grunge pipes Bittbox has posted. Rick textures with a wild streak in them. Here's the backstory from BittBox: This week, I’ve got a set of guest textures from Dave. Dave wanted me to share some of his textures on BittBox, so here we go. The first set is some really grungy pipe images. (You can click on the images and get the full size ones from Flickr).

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Visit for some great free resources, including free Photoshop brushes, actions and patterns. Here's a collection of their top downloads:

Comic Balloons Photoshop Brushes
These are great for comic strips or doodles.

Smooth Waves Photoshop Brushes
They are great for abstract banners on backgrounds and user interfaces. Creates an illusion of depth with cool looking smooth waves

Gypsy Garden Photoshop Patterns
There are two .pat files in this pack, it's the same background, just two different resolutions.

Tech Screentone
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Photoshop Patterns
26 black and white or black and transparent patterns made with Photoshop 7.0. It gives you many different effects just experiment with layer styles.

Photo to Sketch Photoshop Action
This action will allow you to convert a photo into a sketch or pencil drawing like the effect shown in the image. Simple and very effective. xxx

HDR Effect Photoshop Action
Create a fake HDR effect on your photographs. This is similar to the HDR effect found in the new iPhone 4 update. HDR photography works by taking multiple images of the same scene and overlaying them. This action allows for this effect from one image.

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When you purchase Photoshop CS5 or Photoshop CS5 Extended you can receive 3 free online training sessions from the National Association of Photoshop Professionals (NAPP). This offer is available in the Adobe North America Store and Adobe Education Store only. After your purchase you will receive an e-mail with instructions for registering for the webinars within two weeks. This offer is available from May 19, 2011 until June 9, 2011

Class 1: Photoshop CS5 — Up and Running in No Time
Join Photoshop experts, “The Photoshop Guys,” for a live webcast designed to help new users quic
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kly get comfortable with Photoshop. This is detailed training, not just an overview, produced by the world's leading Photoshop trainers at NAPP. This class is designed for beginners just getting started with Photoshop and will cover the basic fundamentals. But, intermediate and advanced experts will benefit too and should walk away with tips and tricks.

Class 2: Cool Photoshop Skills — Effects and Retouching Anyone Can Do
This time, “The Photoshop Guys” explore the features and functions of Photoshop CS5 that let you quickly create and adjust images and designs. This in-depth training, is ideal for users with some level of familiarity with Photoshop. All skill levels will walk away with tips and tricks that allow you to get up and running on this latest version fast.

Class 3: Photoshop CS5 Street Smarts — Shortcuts, Killer Tips, and Next-Level Skills
You're already good at Photoshop but you want to do the latest, hottest design and retouching, in the least amount of time. Join “The Photoshop Guys” for a live webcast that will put you in a class by yourself. This class is ideal for users familiar with Photoshop, but all skill levels will walk away with tips and tricks to get up and running on the latest version fast.

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