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The ultimate in album design software! AlbumsInDesign is all about helping photographers make beautiful albums quickly and easily with confidence.
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Pros: Useful new features that include variable-width strokes and a tool to build shapes more easily; innovative Bristle Brush feature; new antialiasing settings create pixel-perfect web graphics; numerous enhancements to artboards; seamless integration with Adobe Flash Catalyst.
Cons: Perspective drawing feature difficult to use; Bristle Brush feature can create artwork that could cause printing issues; some core drawing tools still absent.
Rating: 85 out of 100
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Pros: Span- and split-column paragraphs, multiple page sizes, Illustrator-style Layers panel, numerous simplified transformation options, dynamic metadata captions, text track changes, and an expansive new set of animation and interactivity features.
Cons: SWF export doesn't include scalable animations, no split columns in table cells, longstanding rotation behavior removed, Document-installed Fonts feature on Mac platform supports OpenType and TrueType only.
Rating: 95
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Pros: Interface elements are simple and very powerful; great software; excellent overall design
Cons: Heavy; pen doesn't touch precisely where the cursor is
Score: 9 out of 10
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Pros: Great price; very good interfaces. Adjust offers nice adaptive control; Detail is a very capable, simple sharpener; Simplify offers better natural media effects than Photoshop's built-in filters.
Cons: It's easy to overdo it with Adjust and Detail. A user comfortable with Photoshop's masking and color and tone correction tools won't find anything especially compelling in Adjust.
Score: 8.5/10
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Pros: Content-Aware Fill, new Refine Edge, and Mini Bridge are stand-out features; Puppet Warp will be great for many users; a huge number of tweaks, improvements, and additions.
Cons: Bridge still sluggish; installer won't migrate your old settings and preferences.
Rating: 90 out of 100
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Pros: Actions and the Action Wizard, improved customization for PDF Portfolios, simplified user interface that promotes efficiency.
Cons: Unclear method for creating PDF Portfolio custom layouts, lack of Read Mode as an initial view, Acrobat X Suite is Windows only.
Rating: 90/100
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This article is excerpted from the February/March 2010 issue of InDesign Magazine, #34. Buy this issue or subscribe to InDesign Magazine.
Every InDesign user has a mental list of "I wish InDesign could…" features rattling around in their heads. We wait and hope the next version will answer these wishes, but that doesn’t always happen.
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Pros: Support for both Mac and Windows. Versatile font management for graphic designers, service bureaus, and agencies. Powerful search features including the ability to find similar looking fonts. Auto-activation for major graphics applications. Seamless integration with WebINK along with one year of free service.
Cons: Sharing of font vaults in collaborative environments could use some streamlining. Creation of nested font sets is a bit awkward. Web-based release notes not updated.
Rating: 90 out 100
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Pros: Accurately simulates shallow depth of field. Gives much greater control over highlight appearance and apparent depth than Photoshop alone. Plug-in's sliders are simple enough that moving beyond the presets is very easy.
Con: $199 price is too high given how infrequently you'll be able to use it. Note that that limited use is not a deficiency in the product, but a reality of the difficulty in masking more complex images.
Rating: 7.5
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