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"CS Magic" is the name of an online education company that specializes in teaching you to get the most out of Adobe's Creative Suite. One of its series of webinars focuses on Acrobat. The next installment in the series, Acrobat Collaboration Techniques, will be broadcast for the first time on June 2 at 9:00 to 10:30 AM Pacific Daylight Time. April Clark will lead the session.
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One problem with an InDesign table is that if its contents are linked to the original Excel file, any formatting you've added in InDesign disappears when someone updates the linked spreadsheet. You can either have sticky formatting or dynamic contents, not both. And don't expect the numeric information inside a table (linked to a spreadsheet or not) to be part of a formula. It isn't.
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An iPad is a great tool for showing off photographs, whether you're in an office or on the road. It's light and small, and the backlit screen means that your work practically glows. The only downside is that the colors can be off, since there's no way to calibrate the iPad's screen.
Until today.
Datacolor's new SpyderGallery iPad app is for people who use the Sypder3 colorimeter and want to carry that color-correct workflow from desktop computers to the iPad. SpyderGallery is a free download.
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St-Germain is a high-end artisanal liqueur:

And the luxe look of the bottle is reflected in a marketing brochure that Trish Witkowski of explores in her latest "60-second super cool fold of the week" video feature:

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Unlike fonts themselves, which seem to multiply like rabbits, there are only a few font-editing apps. Now a new editor has debuted: Glyphs, developed by type designer Georg Seifert. This $299 app runs only on the Mac (OS X 10.6.6 and above).
Whether you want to break new ground and draw a typeface like no other, or just need to tweak a serif here and there, Glyphs has the tools. For example, you can use its layers palette to quickly compare variations on individual characters as you refine them:
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It's a rare designer who likes to create in Microsoft Word or PowerPoint--usually, we're much more at home in InDesign. And yet, clients often want files in the format they're happy with: that very same Word and PowerPoint. Recosoft hopes to make everyone happy with its new InDesign plug-in, ID2Office.
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A company called Tumult has released a new app, Hype, which you can use to create animations for the Web and smart phones. One benefit of these animations is that they don't require Flash (a program shunned by Apple's iPad and iPod); instead, the animations are powered by HTML5.
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