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Noise in a photograph isn't always bad. Occasionally, those colored speckles that are most common in the shadows can add a gritty, grainy mood that enhances the image. But usually, you want to get rid of noise.
When you're trying to fix photographs with a lot of noise, the ideal is to remove that noise without also removing details that make your images look sharp. Many software programs aim to solve this problem, and now there's a new one: NoiseControl from The Plugin Site.
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OK, I lied. The WPPI Road Trip won't really be like the "The Hangover"--no tigers in the bathroom, no babies in the closet. But it will be about upcoming weddings; specifically, about how to photograph them.
This is the third annual travelling seminar held by the Wedding & Portrait Photographers International (WPPI). It kicks off August 8, 2011, in Long Beach, California. Here's the full location list, with dates:
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Here's a dirty secret: If something went wrong with your print job, it was probably something you did. Or didn't do. Most graphic designers, even the ones who get a degree in it, don't receive much formal training in print production.
The Print Handbook for Designers hopes to rectify that. It's a print production reference book that eschews lengthy text explanations for short, to-the-point examples.
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The Lumix DMC-GF3 from Panasonic is a micro four-thirds camera model that is easy to carry yet has a built-in flash, interchangeable lenses, and a 12.1MP sensor. It can capture High Definition (1080/60i) video. With an optional lens, it can also shoot 3D still photos.
The Lumix GF3 is about 16 percent lighter and smaller than its predecessor, the Lumix GF2. The aluminum body has been redesigned and includes an ergonomic grip and a 3-inch touchscreen LCD.
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You've seen images that are made up of hundreds (or thousands) of smaller photos, right? Now there's a new text version of the concept. is a free web service and a $.99 app for iOS devices. For either version, you supply the imagery and tweak some settings, click a button, and bam! You have a new image made entirely out of different-colored text.
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Professional illustrator Nate Williams says that creativity comes from "curiosity, inspiration, play and discovery." All four are in evidence at letterPLAYGROUND, a site Nate developed where you can submit your own letterform designs and see what hundreds of other people have dreamed up. It's a bit like a democratic Daily Drop Cap!
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HTML5 and CSS3 can produce some amazing websites. The problem is, many browsers don't fully support the new capabilities. If you don't plan for those viewers, your carefully crafted site could look like a pile of... well, you get the picture.
Modernizr is a JavaScript library that you can use as a starting point when building websites that work for every circumstance. The new version, Modernizr 2, includes improved Media Query testing, 40 feature detection tests,
instructions on conditional resource loading, and more.
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Alex Furness was a graphic designer who was tired of the seconds he wasted staring at the computer screen waiting for Photoshop to complete various tasks. So he created Popuload, a simple Mac-only app that shows news feeds as soon as Photoshop's loading bar appears.
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Pentax will release a GPS unit, named O-GPS1, in July. This $250 gizmo attaches to the hot shoes of certain Pentax digital SLRs. The O-GPS1 can note altitude, latitude, longitude, and universal time coordinated (UTC) and bundles the data with each image you shoot.
As of last month, there are only three compatible cameras: the K-5, K-r, and 645D. No doubt support will grow as Pentax releases new cameras.
The O-GPS1 also uses the capabilities of these cameras' built-in shake reduction system to go beyond simple tracking:
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JixiPix has updated VintageScene to version 2.0. As its name implies, this $7.99 Mac-only application turns the crisp digital images of today into replicas of old-school shots that have been faded and weathered by time. Depending on the combination of effects you choose, you can harken back to the 1800s, or just go back a few decades.
In Version 2.0 (a free update for existing owners), JixiPix has updated the user interface and added a third effect, Faded Time.
You can buy VintageScene 2.0 from the Mac App Store.
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