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Here’s a free layered Photoshop file with an antique paper texture background and rustic frame of wood and leaves. The frame (border) is fully scalable as a vector smart object – make it bigger, smaller or scale it to whatever size you want. The vintage paper texture background has a ragged edge border with a [...]
Here’s another nice vector art set guest post from VintageVectors. There are three versions of a human skull – two in profile and one front view (missing the bottom jaw, ouch!!). My favorites are the skeletons. There are four in the set, each one sort of posing. There’s a skeleton weeping, one kneeling in prayer, [...]
Summer is here and so are the new summer vectors. This collection of vectors includes free vectors of tiki tribal masks, tiki hut, surf board, waves, palm trees, beach vectors, island, sunset, Hawaiian flowers, and more. This free vector download can be used with adobe illustrator or any other vector based application. This artwork can [...]
Father’s day is coming soon here in the states, so I thought these dad father’s day vectors would come in handy for some of you. Some of you designers might even be dad’s so consider this our fathers day gift to you. This free vector download can be used with adobe illustrator or any other [...]
Hand drawn floral illustrations are a nice way of adding a unique touch to your designs. Today’s free download is a digitally painted layered photoshop file of floral bouquets and beach island life sketches. You can use the floral elements and beach sketches individually or use them collectively as a wallpaper. This high resolution photoshop [...]
Here is a cool old vector engraving of the sky opening up with streaks of light and cloud shapes. It makes me think of comic book style art. Could be a cool background graphic for a cd cover or something. Adding color gives it some visual pop. Our friends at VintageVectors have granted us permission [...]
Here are some stylized bonsai tree photos for everyone. There are 8 stock photos in all, 4 bonsai trees with 2 stylistic photo treatments each. I created these around the time of this post using vintage images. I love bonsai trees so it was fun to experiment with textures and effects on the different images. [...]
I’ve heard it through the grape “vine” that today’s free vectors are awesome. Jack can save his magic beans- because these beanstalk vectors are free. This free illustrator vector download contains six unique vines, beanstalks, and jungle plants. Some are detailed and intricate while others are simple and clean. This free vector download is a [...]
Here’s another free layered Photoshop file. This one features an antique paper texture background, a rose graphic and an old distressed frame, all with Arts & Crafts era styling. Each is a layer in Photoshop so you can arrange the items as you like. Or drag and drop them into another document. This free cover [...]
Dennis Schuster is a talented illustrator that goes under the name DXTR on the web. He is currently living in Dusseldorf, Germany and he has some amazing illustrator skills. I accidentally ran into his work while browsing through the Behance gallery, I loved it and I thought I’d share it  with you.
His illustrations are overwhelming with creativity, Dennis finding a clever way of combining various design elements with beautiful typography and character design. DXTR, as he is known on the Behance network, created some awesome designs for clients such as Dudes Factory and collaborated
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with other talented artists on some of his creations.
Enough talking, check out some of his awesome works:
Dudes Factory – “One Wish Collection”

Sticker design for German clothing line Mazine


The Journalist


It ain’t a crime if you don’t get caught

When life gives you lemons!

Good morning

If you want to see more of DXTR’s amazing artworks, visit him on his Behance profile or on Flickr.
Artist of the Week – Illustrator Dennis Schuster aka DXTR is a post from Pixel77 – Graphic design blog with tutorials, resources and inspiration.
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