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A little over a year ago, Google threw its hat in the Web fonts ring. Since then, the company has increased its font library ten-fold, from the original 18 typefaces to today's 180. But the interface you had to use to choose the fonts and implement them on your site had not enjoyed the same rapid evolution.
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Trish Witkowski of points out in the current "60-second super cool fold of the week" video that interactivity isn't just for the screen anymore. You could call it, " Interactive Designers Wanted: Must Have Print Experience."
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Ebooks. Digital magazines. Interactive PDFs and SWFs. They're all relatively new creatures, which means there are a lot of questions surrounding the technology, from creation to distribution.
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Whether you work at a press shop or are a production artist or print-oriented designer, you'll find something of value in the freshly released Adobe Creative Suite 5/5.5 Printing Guide.
For example, InDesign users can learn how to prep files for output, employ Live Preflight to spot potential troublemakers, work with book files, and a lot more.
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Pentax announced a new digital camera, the Pentax Q. The Q, which will be available in the United States in Fall 2011 for about $800, is the smallest, lightest camera you can get that still has interchangeable lenses. It measures 3.9" wide by 2.3" high by 1.2" deep and weighs 7.1 oz when the battery and memory card are in the camera.
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Nik Software has produced excellent photo-editing software for desktop computers--Silver Efex Pro, Viveza, HDR Efex Pro, Color Efex Pro,
Noise in a photograph isn't always bad. Occasionally, those colored speckles that are most common in the shadows can add a gritty, grainy mood that enhances the image. But usually, you want to get rid of noise.
When you're trying to fix photographs with a lot of noise, the ideal is to remove that noise without also removing details that make your images look sharp. Many software programs aim to solve this problem, and now there's a new one: NoiseControl from The Plugin Site.
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OK, I lied. The WPPI Road Trip won't really be like the "The Hangover"--no tigers in the bathroom, no babies in the closet. But it will be about upcoming weddings; specifically, about how to photograph them.
This is the third annual travelling seminar held by the Wedding & Portrait Photographers International (WPPI). It kicks off August 8, 2011, in Long Beach, California. Here's the full location list, with dates:
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Here's a dirty secret: If something went wrong with your print job, it was probably something you did. Or didn't do. Most graphic designers, even the ones who get a degree in it, don't receive much formal training in print production.
The Print Handbook for Designers hopes to rectify that. It's a print production reference book that eschews lengthy text explanations for short, to-the-point examples.
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The Lumix DMC-GF3 from Panasonic is a micro four-thirds camera model that is easy to carry yet has a built-in flash, interchangeable lenses, and a 12.1MP sensor. It can capture High Definition (1080/60i) video. With an optional lens, it can also shoot 3D still photos.
The Lumix GF3 is about 16 percent lighter and smaller than its predecessor, the Lumix GF2. The aluminum body has been redesigned and includes an ergonomic grip and a 3-inch touchscreen LCD.
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