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The latest and greatest bundle from BundleHunt is now out. Featuring 7 of the best-selling Mac apps available today. Retail value: $370. You pay just: $49.99. If you’ve ever wondered why BundleHunt only offers 1 pack every few months, this bundle says it all: creating something this amazing takes time.

I am excited to announce yet another wordpress themes bundle that will be available for 2 weeks, starting from today. This is an extremely generous offer provided by – a new wordpress themes marketplace for buying and selling wordpress themes. The deal is very simple, for a limited time, you can download 10 popular premium wordpress themes for only $20. There are no recurring fees or any other additional changes, once you make the payment you instantly download all the 10 themes included in this “wp pack”.

These themes come with advanced admin pane

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l, custom google fonts, css3 effects, html5 layout, beautiful jquery sliders, transition effects, portfolios, sortable portfolios and shortcodes (not supported in all themes).

For details and themes demos please visit

Remember that this is a limited time offer, once the deal is over, this page will be removed.

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Kinuko Y. Craft is one of the most widely respected and well known fantasy artists in the United States today. She considers herself a story teller. If you will survey her works, you will find meticulous attention to detail, a warm color palette, inviting you to discover the fairytale from each inch of painting.

Digital photography is quickly becoming the preferred way to take pictures.   If you are in the market for a new camera, consider the following advantages of digital over traditional film photography. In the long run, digital is less expensive.  All photos are recorder are on memory device within the camera and then downloaded straight to your computer.  You skip the need to keep buying rolls of film and paying for developing. You can send unlimited copies of the same picture to friends and relatives without spending a penny extra.

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IFEGFHMILNJ?">PowerShot SD980 IS 12.1 Megapixel Digital Camera - Gold

Get $90 off Your Purchase of PowerShot SD980 IS 12.1 Megapixel Digital Camera

You see your pictures quicker.  Most digital cameras allow you to view your photos immediately.  There is no waiting and worrying about whether or not that “perfect shot” turned out.  You can take a picture of that new baby and immediately download it to your computer to share your good good news with friends and relatives. There’s no need for anxious grandparents to wait days or even weeks for a picture.

Most digital cameras have built in editing features.   Cropping and re-centering the picture to make it look its best can be done easily.  You no longer have to worry about a stray hand distracting from the main subject of your photo.  Sharpening can be done immediately to bring out the details.  Within minutes you can have a print-perfect photo.

You avoid the frustration of running out of film and having to find a store that is open in the middle of an important event or on vacation.  Depending on the size of your memory card and the setting of file size and quality, which you often control, you can store a couple hundred pictures on one tiny card.  That is the equivalent of nine or ten rolls of film.

These are just a few of the advantages of digital photography.  It is definitely worth considering as you search for your next new camera.

It helps when learning to use your new digital camera to also know what some of the more common terms mean.  Below you will find many of these common terms defined..

Automatic Mode — A setting that sets the focus, exposure and white-balance automatically.

Burst Mode or Continuous Capture Mode — a series of pictures taken one after another at quickly timed intervals with one press of the shutter button.

Compression — The process of compacting digital data, images and text by deleting selected information.

Photo Taken with PowerShot SD980 IS 12.1 Megapixel Digital Camera

Digital Zoom — Cropping and magnifying the center part of an image.

JPEG — The predominant format used for image compression in digital cameras

Lag Time — The pause between the time the shutter button is pressed and when the camera actually captures the image

LCD — (Liquid-Crystal Display) is a small screen on a digital camera for viewing images.

Lens — A circular and transparent glass or plastic piece that has the function of collecting light and focusing it on the sensor to capture the image.

Megabyte (MB) Measures 1024 Kilobytes, and refers to the amount of information in a file, or how much information can

be contained on a Memory Card, Hard Drive or Disk.

Pixels — Tiny units of color that make up digital pictures. Pixels also measure digital resolution. One million pixels

adds up to one mega-pixel.

RGB — Refers to Red, Green, Blue colors used on computers to create all other colors.

Resolution — Camera resolution describes the number of pixels used to create the image, which determines the amount of

detail a camera can capture. The more pixels a camera has, the more detail it can register and the larger the picture can be


Storage Card — The removable storage device which holds images taken with the camera, comparable to film, but much smaller. Also called a digital camera memory card…

Viewfinder — The optical “window” to look through to compose the scene.

White Balance — White balancing adjusts the camera to compensate for the type of light (daylight, fluorescent, incandescent, etc.,) or lighting conditions in the scene so it will look normal to the human eye.

Using a classic drawing approach, portraits, Dirk Dzimirsky have a strong signature of life born from charcoal and graphite. Even he use photos as references for drawings, his statement mention that is "not looking for a perfect reproduction at all". For us, the "imperfections" are just signs of pure drawing art and not photography.

It’s been a long time since we last treated our readers with a good looking, professional wordpress theme, so we decided it’s high time to release a very cute WP theme with vanilla flavor — “Amalia”. Key Features of this magazine style theme:

1. AJAX powered drop down menu up to 3 levels

2. Inbuilt easy to manage slideshow gallery

3. Integrated with Twitter

4. Based on CSS3

5. Beautiful Web 2.0 Design with Classic cute colors scheme

6. Automatic thumbnails creation – script pulls the image

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s from post and de-sizes them

7. Light and very fast loading

8. Nice organization of the comments section

9. Minimal SQL quires, optimized for busy blog

10. Magazine Style organization of the posts

11. Compatible with the latest version of WordPress 3.0

12. Compatible with all the recent versions of major browsers.

If you have any questions about the usage, please don’t hesitate to ask in the comments section.

For thumbnails in posts please use the key “Thumbnail” (without quotes) while for images in the slider use the key “slide“. You will also need to download, install and activate the FeatureMe plugin: Enjoy!

Demo | Download


It’s been over 2 months since the last photoshop tutorial I had posted, but I have great news for you — I am back online with loads of new stuff to show you, so stay tune for all our upcoming tuts! Today, we will begin with this nice and beautiful text effect, and as most readers request, we also release the psd for download, for only $1. The PSD is for learning purposes only, you can incorporate it in a project for a client, but you cannot directly resell this very file. Enough talking, let’s get started.

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esult" src="" alt="" width="600" height="400" />

Step 1. Preparing the Photoshop Canvas.

Create a new Photoshop file (Ctrl + N). We are using 600*400 size here but as always — yours could be a lot bigger if you need.

Using the Paint Bucket tool, fill the canvas with grey-blue dark color — #535559.

Step 2. Choosing the font.

I am personally a big fan of all the fonts that were used and popular back in the 50′s, so my all time favorite font will probably be “Bello”. it’s not free, but you can purchase it online. Please note that if you purchase the PSD file, the font will NOT be included, as we cannot distribute commercial fonts. So, if you have Bello font, select it and type your word in big letter, we used 188pt here.

Step 3. Adding Layer Styles.

Now, while your text layer is still selected, go to Layer >> Layer Styles, and apply the following settings…

Now the background texture. We will be using a pattern which we created ourselves, and if you purchase the psd file it will be included already in the style itself.

Lastly, we will add a 1px stroke, with gradient overlay, to give the text more depth.

This is what we have got so far, with all the layer styles applied correctly. If your result differs from what you see here, go back and check if all the settings for layer styles have been applied correctly, so far it’s only the technical part, so you should not have any problem.

Step 4. Adding Depth to the Canvas.

It’s the era of web 2.0 and having a flat canvas can ruin any effect, no matter how beautiful it is, so if we want our effect to pop, it has to have some depth. That’s why we will not get back to the base canvas (if it’s locked, simply double click it on the layers palette, and press OK to unlock). Go to Layer >> Layer Styles, and apply the following settings:

For the gradient, use the following colors:

1. #667c85 as the light blue

2. #475e68 as the dark blue

Here is what we have got so far…


We all need to spice out our blogs sometimes, let alone wordpress does not come loaded by default with all the features. These plugins will help you to get the best out of your blog regardless the theme you are using…
1. All in One Shortcodes Plugin

All-In-One Shortcodes plugin allows you to add endless amount of easy-to-use shortcodes combination of to ANY WordPress theme and customize the appearance of your content in seconds. Almost each shortcode comes loaded with practically unlimited colors, size and icon combina
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tions. Now you can choose from

dark icon buttons,
light icon buttons,
3 sizes of web 2.0 colored buttons,
social bookmark sharing: twitter, facebook, google, etc,.
jquery powered colored tooltips,
jquery powered toggles – multiple transition effects,
jquery powered tabs – multiple transition, effects,
quotes – multiple design variations,
dropcaps – unlimited possibilities with any size of color,
google maps,
google charts,
nivo slider gallery – any transition effect,
colored boxes – unlimited icon/color combination,
video integration for youtube and vimeo – control the size directly from wordpress,
login / password protected box.

2. YouTube Videobox Widget
With YouTube Video Box plug-in you can add an unlimited number of widgets in the sidebar to view videos on Youtube in valid XHTML.
This plugin allows you to easily customize the width and height of the videos directly to your widget panel. Optional feature that improves this plugin gives you a choice of colors on YouTube and activate or deactivate the pane widget. This plugin is ideal for those who want to display multiple videos in one easy to manage widgets, however, maintain a valid XHTML, SEO friendly website code.
Compatible with any java / ajax plugin power does not affect the loading time and thanks to its “lite structure, will not crash your site.

3. Manage who sees the ads
Advanced ad management plugin that lets you decide who will see your ads, depending on user defined conditions.

4. WP Super Edit
WP Super Edit adds a host of WYSIWYG options to the standard WP visual editor. It adds two full rows of additional features to your visual editor toolbar, including options for applying specific styles and for adding and formatting tables. It’s known to work with version 2.8 and 2.8.1.

5. Events Calendar Pro

Manage event details in the Events post type
Upcoming Events Widget
Provides full template to complement the 2010 theme out of the box (month and list view)
Extensive template tags for customization
Google Maps Integration
Calendar Month view with tooltips
Detailed List view
In Depth Screencast and Documentation included just to be safe!
Includes support for venue, cost, address, start and end time, google maps link
Support for international addresses, time and languages

6. Facebook Traffic Pop for WordPress

Tap 600 million users of Facebook, but now with the hottest plugin Facebook traffic. pop Facebook traffic is a new generation of pop-ups that will allow its users to their pages, instead of trying to get to click on ads. You’d like more exposure = more traffic = more money =!
7. Twitter Ultimate-Wordpress Plugin

Twitter Ultimate – A WordPress Plugin offer following features* Real-time Twitter Tweets Live Feed-
A real-time tweets input live tweets
* ShortcodesShortcodes that helps integrate directly on the page or message
Multiple example You can have multiple instances of final feed twitter
Multiple query / User Options – tweets can display multiple queries or user names
* Two types of searches – You can show tweets tweets user names or mentioning the word
* AutoPlay on / off – incoming tweets in real time can be enabled or disabled on load
* Start / Stop Power – Options for start or pause incoming tweets
* Speed ??Control Options – Ability to control the speed of incoming tweets
Tweets options Options to control the number of tweets to be shown in food
* Width option controls Control Optionswidth l feed widget
* Easily customizable
9. Spell, Style and Grammar check with After the Deadline
Smart plugin that uses artificial intelligence and natural language processing technology to find your writing errors and offer smart suggestions.

10. 5sec Maintenance Mode

6 beautiful, funny templates to make your visitors less angry while you’re offline
customizable countdown timer
customizable progress bar
fully editable templates
customizable complex access rules by user groups and IP-s
temporary access links for your clients
SEO and Google friendly
disables feeds too
famous 5sec installation – everything is preset for you

11. Visual Composer for WordPress

Visual Composer for WordPress will save tons of time working on the content of the site. Now we will be able to create complex designs in minutes! Have you noticed the amount of time spent with the fight against [shortcodes]? No more trial and errors with “magic short codes” – Visual Composer will handle that. Add columns or items with a single click, then use the mouse to drag items around re-arrange. Bandwidth control element with the simple click of the mouse.
12. Tweet Blender
Similar in functionality to Twitter widget itself, but has support for multiple authors, keywords hashtags and all mixed up. The plug-in can show tweets from a single user (as all other Twitter plugins do), but can also show tweets from a subject that can be defined via Twitter hashtag or keyword. But there’s more! Tweets can also display multiple authors and multiple keywords and multiple hashtags all mixed into one stream.

13. WordPress Email Newsletter Plugin

The email newsletter plugin is an advanced bulk emailer designed especially for WordPress 3. It is very easy to use and feature rich. Heaps of features which allow you to quickly send professional newsletters to your existing wordpress user database.
14. Clicky
While Google Analytics offers a long-term indicators of their site, Clicky gives you instant feedback. The dashboard site includes traditional metrics, but also offers interesting features such as “spy” that shows the location of current visitors on a map. It’s an easy way to get a snapshot of your current site activity, and in conjunction with Google Analytics will offer an overview of the activity on your site.

15. Twitter Avatars In Comments
Self explaining comment title, plug-in that uses Twitter to show avatars in comments in WordPress blogs.

16. SI CAPTCHA for WordPress
Adds CAPTCHA anti-spam methods to WordPress on the comment form, registration form, login, or all. In order to post comments or regiser, users will have to type in the phrase shown on the image. This prevents spam from automated bots. Adds security. Works great with Akismet. Also is fully WPMU and BuddyPress compatible.

17. Old Post Promoter
Old Post Promoter will choose posts at random from your published collection and change their publication dates so that they will appear on your front page and in your RSS feed. Note that this does not work if your permalink structure includes dates.

18. Custom Widget Areas for WordPress

Have you ever wanted to show different Sidebars (Widget Areas) on Pages, Posts, Custom Post Types or even inside your content? Then this is exactly what you need.
This plugin lets you create your own Sidebars (widget areas), configure them by adding widgets, and replace the default sidebars on Pages, Posts (single Posts), Categories and Custom Post Types or even show widgets directly in the content of Pages or Posts. You can easily assign a sidebar (custom widget area) to any individual Page, Post or Custom Post Type.
19. TinyMCEComments
This plugin turns the comment field from a primitive into a WYSIWYG editor, using the internal TinyMCE library bundled with WordPress 2.0 or up, without the need of another separate installation. Functions that only available to writers like adding images were removed and will not show up in the toolbar.

20. SimpleModal Contact Form (SMCF)
SimpleModal Contact Form (SMCF) is an Ajax powered modal contact form. It utilizes the jQuery JavaScript library and the SimpleModal jQuery plugin.

21. uPricing – Pricing Table for WordPress

uPricing is a pricing table for WordPress. We have been developing it for our WordPress themes, but have decided to release it as a standalone plugin. It is a premium quality Pricing Table with a nicely polished WordPress admin.
22. Accordion Image Menu
This is a different menu that uses your post images as a background. You can insert the menu wherever you want: content, php files or widget if your theme allows it.

23. Quick Search
Quick Search add AJAX Search to your site sorting results by Posts, Page and Comments. You can easly customize the popup menu style by modifying the file quick-search.css.

24. Ozh’ Better Plugin Page
Better Plugin Page brings a few valueable enhancements to the Plugin Management page: tiny icons, less clutter, quick action links. Handy for those who have 70+ plugins on their blog.

25. Advanced Spoiler
Show or hide contents(text, image etc.) with animated effects wrapped by spoiler markup tag([spoiler][/spoiler]).

26. GD Star Rating
GD Star Rating plugin allows you to set rating and review system of posts, pages and comments on your blog. You can set many options for displaying the rating stars, and also add widgets in the sidebars to show the highest rating and other statistics generated by the plugin. Plugin includes advanced settings panel that allows you to control many aspects of classification. Plug-in also supports multiple ratings, with ratings based thumbs.

27. UberMenu – WordPress Mega Menu Plugin

UberMenu is a user-friendly, highly customizable mega menu ( or mega drop down menu ) WordPress plugin. It works out of the box with the WordPress 3 Menu Management System, making it simple to get started but powerful enough to create highly customized and creative mega menu configurations.
28. Easy Comment Uploads
This plugin allow your visitors to attach images or other file to their comments as easily as possible.

29. Quote Comments
This plugin adds a tiny link that says “Quote” on each comment on your posts. Click it, and the contents of the comment is copied to the comment area, wrapped in blockquote tags. It’s even compatible with MCEComments plugin.

30. SEO Super Comments
For each comment, you plugin will create a new dynamic page on the blog, the celebration of the actual comment information. This page does not actually exist in the WordPress database, but we will create dynamically using a WordPress plugin.
What you get instant so big jump in the index visible for search engine site. This is possible because blog comments are able to crawl-index-able and most importantly capable of content-based. It also means that you will start getting search traffic to the context of the comment.

31. uBillboard – Premium Slider for WordPress

uBillboard is a slider for WordPress. We have been developing sliders for our WordPress themes for over a year now, and all that experience has been distilled into this one slider plugin. It is a premium quality jQuery-based slider with a nicely polished WordPress admin.
32. TTFTitles
The TTFTitles plugin is another dynamic text replacement plugin that lets you replace your headers with images using any TrueType font you choose. It’s mostly a rework of the Image Headlines plugin. It has been tested with WP 1.5.2 up through 2.7.

33. Image Drop Shadow
Image Drop Shadow wordpress plugin adds stylish drop shadow to images posted on your blog using jQuery. Just install it and all your posted images will automatically have a drop shadow.

34. J Post Slider
Show your post in fancy jQuery box, rotating images, with show-up text box with post description. This Plugin will present your HOT posts, in jQuery animation show.

35. Live Blogroll
Live Blogroll will make your blogroll livelier. It will show a number of ‘recent posts’ for each link in your Blogroll using Ajax.

36. Adding Form Validation to Comments using jQuery
This tutorial will show you how to use jQuery to do some instant checking on an example comment form.

37. Snazzy Archives
Snazzy Archives is a visualization plugin for your WordPress site featuring an unique way to display all your posts. Your archive page will never be boring again!

38. Lightbox Evolution for WordPress

Lightbox Evolution is a tool for displaying images, html content, maps, and videos in a “lightbox” style that floats overtop of web page. Using Lightbox Evolution, website authors can showcase a wide assortment of media in all major browsers without navigating users away from the linking page.
39. Ozh’ Absolute Comments
Absolute Comments is a comment manager plugin that lets you instantly reply to comments, either from the original Manage Comments administration page, or from the email notification, without the hassle of visiting the post first.

40. NoFollow Free
This WordPress plugin remove the “nofollow” attribute from your wordpress blog’s comments (precisely from the author’s links) and/or from the comments text links and it inserts (if you want) an image band at the top of your pages with the phrase: “NOFOLLOW FRE” to encourage your users to submit comments. The last release includes new options to replace the nofollow only when the author posted X comments before and put back the nofollow when some blacklisted words are matched. The replacement of the nofollow is also based on the users type (registered and visitor users). Every option can be customized by the options page “NOFF”.

41. jQuery Lightbox For Native Galleries
Makes the native WordPress galleries use a lightbox to display the fullsize images.

42. jQuery Comment Preview
Live comment preview without page reboot. Works on jQuery.

43. WordPress Plugin jQuery Pagebar
jQuery is a fast and concise JavaScript Library that simplifies HTML document traversing, event handling, animating, and Ajax interactions for rapid web development.

44. Google Analyticator
Google Analyticator adds the necessary JavaScript code to enable Google Analytics logging on any WordPress blog. This eliminates the need to edit your template code to begin logging. Google Analyticator also includes several widgets for displaying Analytics data in the admin and on your blog.

45. Subscribe to Comments
Subscribe to Comments is a robust plugin that enables commenters to sign up for e-mail notification of subsequent entries. The plugin includes a full-featured subscription manager that your commenters can use to unsubscribe to certain posts, block all notifications, or even change their notification e-mail address!
46. Social Media Plugin for WordPress

This plug-in adds social media sharing options under the content section on WordPress Posts and Pages.
47. Subscribe to Double-Opt-In Comments
Allows readers to receive notifications of new comments that are posted to an entry, with Double-Opt-In Feature. Based on version 2 of “Subscribe to Comments” from Mark Jaquith
48. WP Comment Remix
WP Comment Remix adds a plethora of new options and features to WordPress. From Reply and Quote links for commenters, to a full upgrade to the edit comments pages in the admin panel, WPCR will save you time and effort when running your blog.
49. Tango Smileys Extended
Smileys in comments is also supported, and may be inserted using the standard emotion shorthand or through the CTI interface introduced in TSE 2.0.1b.

50. Greg’s Threaded Comment Numbering
This plugin numbers your comments sequentially and hierarchically, with full support for the new comment features available in WordPress 2.7 and later — including threading, paging, and your choice of ascending or descending date order.

51. WP-SpamFree Anti-Spam
An extremely powerful WordPress anti-spam plugin that eliminates blog comment spam, including trackback and pingback spam. Finally, you can enjoy a spam-free WordPress blog! Includes spam-free contact form feature as well.
52. Simple Pull Quote
The Simple Pull Quote plugin lets you insert pull quotes into your blog posts to emphasize certain sentences or phrases using custom fields. Pull quotes can be styled by editing the included CSS file. It works with WP 2.7 or 2.8.

53. Live Comment Preview
Live Comment Preview is the simplest way to get live comment previews on your site. Simply activate the plugin -That’s it! This plugin uses only client-side Javascript to format a preview, it does not make any Ajax requests to the server. This provides a smooth live preview as you type.

54. AJAXed WordPress
AWP’s basic features include inline paginated posts, inline comments, threaded comments, the ability to submit comments with AJAX, pagination of your homepage, live comment preview and much more, but it does not, however, force you to use any feature, and it also allows all aspects of the plugin to be easily customized through a single Administration panel. It also has special features that will ensure compatibility with many other plugins.

55. Ajax Comment Posting
There are many comment-related plugins in WordPress plugin directory. However, if you’d like to find just a simple comment-posting Ajax plugin, you won’t find any. That’s why I developed a simple and small (5kB) yet functional Ajax Comment Posting (ACP) plugin. Not only will it post your comment without refreshing the page, but it will also make sure that you’ve filled all the form fields correctly.
56. Akismet
Automattic Kismet (Akismet for short) is a collaborative effort to make comment and trackback spam a non-issue and restore innocence to blogging, so you never have to worry about spam again.

57. WP Ajax Edit Comments
WP Ajax Edit Comments (for WP 2.5+) allows users and admins to edit comments on a post. Users can edit their own comments for a limited time, while admins can edit all comments.

58. OpenID
OpenID is an open standard that allows users to authenticate to websites without having to create a new password. This plugin allows users to login to their local WordPress account using an OpenID, as well as enabling commenters to leave authenticated comments with OpenID. The plugin also includes an OpenID provider, enabling users to login to OpenID-enabled sites using their own personal WordPress account. XRDS-Simple is required for the OpenID Provider and some features of the OpenID Consumer.

59. GD Star Rating
GD Star Rating plugin allows you to set up rating and review system for posts, pages and comments in your blog. I featured this plugin some time ago already, but this is totally related to comments.

60. IntenseDebate Comments
IntenseDebate Comments enhance and encourage conversation on your blog or website. Custom integration with your WordPress admin panel makes moderation a piece of cake. Comment threading, reply-by-email, user accounts and reputations, comment voting, along with Twitter and friendfeed integrations enrich your readers’ experience and make more of the internet aware of your blog and comments which drives traffic to you!
61. PayPal Payment Terminal WordPress

-display as widget in sidebar or in any page/post -unlimited services addition
-super easy installation
-view all transactions
-filter transactions by date period
-sort and search transaction list
-customizable widget area fields
-automatic notifications to you and your customer
- NEW in v2.0 shortcode [pppt_paypalform] – allows to display paypal payment form on any page/post of your wordpress site!
62. WordPress jquery slider/banner image rotator

Have you ever thought of having slider/banner and ads on one page and every one they’re JavaScript driven? Imagine how cool it is! you’ll be able to have one JavaScript file and multiple sliders. dump the ugly animated GIFs or Flash ads. If you have already got one li slider, simply add another unordered list and initialize the new slider / banner. Done! you have got a further slider or ad banner. perhaps you would like to update your banner? perhaps the show dates modified or the merchandise worth in your ad has change? No downside, merely upload the new image with an equivalent name, and you have got a current ad. it’s over cool! Save time, save work and simply be artistic.
63. WP update notifier plugin

The update notifier is a simple wordpress plugin to display notifications to your user when you update something or when you wish to make an announcement. The plugin is simple yet effective and extremely usefull.
This plugin:

Is easy to install & configure
Has 8 Different colors available
Allows easy archiving
Is cross browser compatible

64. Google Web Fonts for WordPress

Google Fonts Pro is a premium WordPress plugin that allows you to instantly access over 200 of Google’s Web Fonts with power and ease. You can take full control over the font and typography used on your site in a matter of minuets!
65. Twitter Traffic Pop for WordPress

Instead of forcing your visitors to see popups with ads, why not ask them to Tweet instead! Tap into Twitter’s 100 million plus users with this hot new popup style marketing tactic. Make Twitter your slave with one line of code! More tweets = more exposure = more traffic = more money!

66. WordPress Geo IP Redirect

A self-contained GeoIP Redirection script that utilizes the native PHP GeoIP library, Geo API and Browser Language.

Very simple to install, 3 steps and you’re done!
Uses accurate PHP GeoIP functions.
Incase you don’t have these enabled (GoDaddy shared customers), it will fallback to using a reliable API to determine the users country.
For added protection or incase the API returns an unexpected result, it uses the browser language in a last attempt of a possible redirect.
Users will know no different, no waiting, no loading bars, seamless redirection.
Utilizes PHP $_SESSIONS for optimisation and security.
Uses a Search Friendly 302 redirect.
Transfers any query strings in the URL to the new location.


We are delighted to announce a release of another amazing wordpress theme we have created this week. This WP theme is called “Stik” and comes loaded with plenty of amazing features, including inbuilt drop down menu that works automatically with up to 3 levels, nested comments support, gallery slider powered by jQuery Cycle — everything is already in the theme so you don’t need additional plugins to get it working. In order to add posts to the gallery, simple make them “sticky” in the admin panel, when you make a post
Read More

Demo | Download
Tags: iphone style, magazine, dark, wood, blue, gray, drop down menu, automatic thumbnails, slideshow gallery, social bookmarks, ready for ads, twitter, digg, wp theme, wordpress theme


Today, we will design a safari-style fragrance poster / commercial. This Photoshop tutorial is easy to follow and will suit all users, from beginners to advanced.
Step 1. Choosing a photo.
Since we are going to make a perfume commercial, we will be working with a glamorous portrait photo. Here we are using a paid stock, hence we cannot offer a psd file for a download.

Step 2. Applying Infra Red Filter
A lot of people are not aware how to process photos using the infra red channel, even though it’s actually very easy. You
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r photo will turn black and white, but we will enhance one color at the cost of another, and this opens a very wide filed to creativity.
You can make the lips very pale, and the skin tanned (which is what we are going to do here), or we can make the skin pale, and the lips dark red. If you’d like to play more with Infra Red image processing, I suggest to download our Infra Red Photoshop Actions, it costs only $1 to buy and will allow you do image processing in one click.
So, if you do it on your own, go to Image >> Adjustments >> Channel Mixer and apply the following settings in the window that will pop out.

This gives exactly the so-called “safari effect” that was so popular back in the 70′s — light lipgloss and dark skin. Although the results may vary, depending on your base photo, it will be more or less the same if the initial picture is more or less in same shades as the one we are using.
This is what we’ve got:

Step 3. Applying Sun Kissed Look
We are not looking to get a natural photo, since we are designing a commercial poster, they are all well known for being over processed, over saturated and mostly — way over airbrushed!
Click on the tiny icon at the bottom of your Photoshop’s Layers Pallet, which looks like half black and half white pie (Create new filler adjustment layer). This will pop out a menu with different filler options, choose “Gradient map…”

Use the following colors: #1c1c1c as your dark one, which loos almost like black, and
#ca8c03 as yellow brown.
Apply the gradient map.
Step 5. Adding Playful Sun Rays.
Next, we will be adding playful and cheery sun rays. This requires having some brushes in your arsenal, though we will be working withing something that came pre-installed with Photoshop CS3 — to make sure everyone who follows this tutorial will be able to reproduce our results.

We are using a brush called “Rough Dry Brush”, though pick a bigger size than the default one, let’s go with at least 300px, depending on you photo size. Using the white color as your foreground, chaotically apply the brush all around the girl, without touching her face, see the photo below:
[Continue reading this Photoshop tutorial on the next page]

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