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Is nothing sacred? First Kodak stopped developing cameras, and now Encyclopedia Britannica has shelved its print version after 244 years of publishing.

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Photoshop's senior product manager, Bryan O'Neil Hughes, gives you a glimpse into Photoshop CS6. Although Adobe hasn't officially announced when CS6 will be released, the fact that this sneak peek is out in the wild makes me think it won't be, say, 2013!

Using a photo he shot with his mobile phone, Bryan demonstrates some of the new power and finesse in Camera Raw, the raw processing engine behind Photoshop CS6 and Lightroom 4 (now in beta).

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AKVIS MakeUp is a standalone application and a Photoshop plug-in for improving portrait photos. For photographers seeking the quickest fix, there's the Express mode--just open a photo and click one button. The Advanced mode gives you more control over the changes and access to special effects, such as High Key Lighting. You can process images individually or in batches.

There are two new effects in the update, Glamour Glow and Vignette, and three new presets for speedier corrections.

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You may have heard that on Monday, October 3, Adobe revealed a new member of the Photoshop family. Called Photoshop Touch, it will run on mobile devices. At first, it will be available only on devices that use the Android operating system (OS), such as Samsung Galaxy tablets. But not too long after, Adobe will finish developing a version that runs on the iOs, including Apple's iPad. No matter what OS you have, the app's cost will be $9.99. Just a wee bit less than Photoshop on the desktop.

So Many Photoshops

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Epson's Stylus Pro WT7900 "Designer Edition" adds an EFI RIP to the Stylus Pro WT7900 to give you the ability to match PANTONE colors when outputting high-resolution prints for packaging mock-ups, prototypes, and other projects. The $6,995 printer/RIP combination works with both Mac and Windows computers, and across a network.

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Mogo Media is offering a free webinar, "Design and Create Your Website," on July 19, 2011, from 1:00 PM to 2:00 PM Eastern time. The speaker is Chris Converse, a designer well-versed in print, the Web, and animation. Chris will explain how to prototype website designs, add interactivity, and how to incorporate the Web's newest buzzword technologies, CSS3 and HTML5.
Register for Design and Create Your Website" here.
Press Release
StockLayouts LLC announced that it has added Microsoft PowerPoint presentation templates to its library of agency-quality graphic design templates for creating high impact print marketing materials.
Now, StockLayouts users will be able to impress their customers and colleagues with professionally designed, graphics rich presentations that are simple to edit in a short amount of time. Users are able to choose from a wide selection of industry types and styles that tie in with matching marketing pieces.
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If you don't have access to letterpress printers owned by others and don't want to make your own letterpress printer, you can still replicate the experience if you have an iPad. LetterMpress is a
The new LaserJet Pro 100 color MFP M175nw is HP's smallest color multifunction laser printer. It measures 13.3" high by 17.4" wide by 12.7" deep. At $349, it seems like a good deal if you need one machine to copy and scan as well as to output color pages with the sharpness only a laser printer can deliver.
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30 senior editor Ben Long has released the fourth course in his "Foundations of Photography" series on In "Foundations of Photography: Black and White," Ben breaks down everything you need to master the medium.
You'll learn how to recognize subject matter that translates well to black and white, and how to expose scenes properly.
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