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“Invisible” design, for any purpose. Ultra Clean, highly customizable layout for the “minimal design” lovers. Extremely easy to customize as everything is broken into tiny layers, even icons and lines come with their own, custom layer styles settings. Make as much color variations as you like with just a few clicks, changing the color in layer styles.

8 Customizable PSDs
3 Por
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tfolio Layouts
Re-sizable Icons with custom Layer Settings
Minimal, clean, classic and timeless design for any client!
Easy to code, designed with grid in mind
Predesigned hover effects

The download will include the following pages:

Blog Layout
Single Post Layout
Portfolio – thumbnails
Portfolio 2 columns
Portfolio – big thumbs
Contact Us page

You will not need to buy ANY fonts to make this design work, I am using default Georgia and Myriad Pro, so you won’t get to see the design distorted when you download and find out that you don’t have an expensive font installed! Please note the photos in the preview are not available in the download.

More pages…

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Today’s freebie is a social media icon set designed exclusively for Designrfix by Kawsar Ali from Desizn Tech. This set...
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With Halloween just around the corner, we thought it fitting to give you a quick tutorial on using Photoshop effects to give your photos a Zombie look.

Give your facebook timeline cover that seasonal feeling of winter and Christmas feel with our ultimate Xmas edition Facebook covers kit. Simply insert your photos to any design – choose from 5 pre-designedcovers in the right size and resolution. Fully customizable and very easy to update. Well organized layers groups makes it easy to edit fast and easy with even basic photoshop knowledge.

Key Fea

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Fully Layered Adobe Photoshop .PSD file
Compatible with Photoshop CS3+
850px x 315px
Multiple design elements provide you with unlimited design options
All elements are inside the base PSD file
Smart Objects used for photos
Fonts are not included
Models pictures in the preview image are used for display and are not included.

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Envato has done it again and released one of their much anticipated Print Designer Bundles. This bundle is packed full...
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We are happy to add yet another addition to our club members – A fully customizable, professional PSD template that consists off 6 pages. New Jersey – a clean & minimalistic layout for corporate, business and professional services sites that wish to run a blog alongside with their rich portfolio, provided by The theme includes fully layers 6 PSD files, including:

index page (slider, service boxes)
portfolio 4 columns (sortable)
blog (with archives and pagination)
single post (comments, related posts, author bio)
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(pricing table included)
contacts page (ready for google maps)

Please refer to screenshots for more details. All files are organized in folders with their respective names, so you will find that editing process is hassle-free and fast. We used the following fonts: DejaVu Sans (free).

More Screenshots:



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Free collection military silhouette technical and weapons. Free for commercial use. Read the source…

Today we are adding a new item for our premium members, a set of 8 logos designed in the web 2.0 style so that they will suit everyone’s needs as we tried to cover a few most wanted logo categories:

coffee / restaurants logo
eco friendly / environmental logo
USA / American deals logo
online lingerie logo
church logo
real estate company logo
money making / blogging logo

Fully scalable and re-sizable vector based logos.

Check them out…

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clusive access!


Please note that the fonts are not included in the download.

Step 1. Choosing a photo.

Since we are going to make a perfume commercial, we will be working with a glamorous portrait photo. Here we are using a paid stock, hence we cannot offer a psd file for a download.

image 1

Step 2. Applying Infra Red Filter

A lot of people are not aware how to process photos using the infra red channel, even though it’s actually very easy. Your photo will turn black and white, but we will enhance one color at th

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e cost of another, and this opens a very wide filed to creativity.

You can make the lips very pale, and the skin tanned (which is what we are going to do here), or we can make the skin pale, and the lips dark red. If you’d like to play more with Infra Red image processing, I suggest to download our Infra Red Photoshop Actions, it costs only $1 to buy and will allow you do image processing in one click.

So, if you do it on your own, go to Image >> Adjustments >> Channel Mixer and apply the following settings in the window that will pop out.

image 2

This gives exactly the so-called “safari effect” that was so popular back in the 70′s light lipgloss and dark skin. Although the results may vary, depending on your base photo, it will be more or less the same if the initial picture is more or less in same shades as the one we are using.

This is what we’ve got:

image 3


Step 3. Applying Sun Kissed Look

We are not looking to get a natural photo, since we are designing a commercial poster, they are all well known for being over processed, over saturated and mostly way over airbrushed!

Click on the tiny icon at the bottom of your Photoshop’s Layers Pallet, which looks like half black and half white pie (Create new filler adjustment layer). This will pop out a menu with different filler options, choose “Gradient map…”

image 4

Use the following colors: #1c1c1c as your dark one, which loos almost like black, and

#ca8c03 as yellow brown.

Apply the gradient map.

Step 5. Adding Playful Sun Rays.

Next, we will be adding playful and cheery sun rays. This requires having some brushes in your arsenal, though we will be working withing something that came pre installed with Photoshop CS3 to make sure everyone who follows this tutorial will be able to reproduce our results.

image 5

We are using a brush called “Rough Dry Brush”, though pick a bigger size than the default one, let’s go with at least 300px, depending on you photo size. Using the white color as your foreground, chaotically apply the brush all around the girl, without touching her face, see the photo below:

After applying the dots, this is what you should get

image 6

Don’t worry about the pixelated edges of the dots, we are just off to fix it! While the layer with dots is still selected, to to Filter >> Blur >> Gaussian Blur, and apply the settings you see below:

image 7

Now, set the blending mode of this layer to “Overlay”, this will give a nice and very sweet look of sun coming through some hollowed surface.

Step 6. Choosing a photo. Adding Sun To the Face

Duplicate the layer with sun rays and move it a bit, so you can go over the face. Press Ctrl + T, and right-mouse-click, to get the small sub menu, where you will choose the mode “Wrap”. Distort it as on the picture below, to get a more 3D effect of the rays spreading all over her face.

Using the eraser tool, be sure to clean up any remains of the rays that fall “outside” the face area.

image 8

Step 7. Colorizing makeup and Diamonds

Create a new layer, and using a very bright blue color #20b8d0, start adding eye shadows on top of the existing ones, or instead of any makeup you may have on the portrait. Set the layer’s blending mode to “Overlay” as well…

image 9

After you finished working with the eyes area, using the same layer and color (it’s important, so you won’t create a salad of colors on your canvas) choose a smaller brush

colorize the earnings, or the any other detail (a small detail) that you see on the photo.

We chose to colorize the stones in the earnings, that gave enough balance and worked well together with eyeshadows. Again, we are not after a natural look on this tutorial, we are making an exaggerated commercial… and this is how they are made in Photoshop.

Final Touches

Lastly, add a perfume bottle and text. you may play with blending options to get the text in the same hue as the other colors on your canvas. remember that balance and harmony is the key, even if we make something over-polished.

This is your final result, and I hope you enjoyed the tutorial. Be sure to subscribe to our feed and like us on facebook.

We will teach you some of the basic tricks that you can use to create your own horror movie poster...
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