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I know we’ve shared flowers before, but this one is too beautiful to keep it just for ourselves. So go ahead, download it and spread the word about it, so others may enjoy it aswell.

By the way, the orange button in the right will do a magic trick, but only if you click it  :)

vector flower 600 Daily Freebie #42: Vector Flower

Note: There is a file embedded within th

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is post, please visit this post to download the file.

Daily Freebie #42: Vector Flower is a post from Pixel 77


As you may have noticed, we enjoy giving a lot of design love back to the community through the free vector resources we give away here on Pixel77. Moreover, today is a special day because we have some great news for all you creative minds out there!

Starting today, Pixe77 will give away 1 cool vector freebie per day!

So stay close, join our RSS and become friends with us on Facebook, there will be a lot of treats for you if you do ;)

To kick off

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this freebies marathon, we will start off today with 4 awesome FREE vector resources:

6003 Daily Freebies from Pixel77   Check mark Stickers, Vintage Floral Frame, Valentines Day and Easter Illustrations

Note: There is a file embedded within this post, please visit this post to download the file.

 600 Daily Freebies from Pixel77   Check mark Stickers, Vintage Floral Frame, Valentines Day and Easter Illustrations

Note: There is a file embedded within this post, please visit this post to download the file.

6002 Daily Freebies from Pixel77   Check mark Stickers, Vintage Floral Frame, Valentines Day and Easter Illustrations

Note: There is a file embedded within this post, please visit this post to download the file.

6001 Daily Freebies from Pixel77   Check mark Stickers, Vintage Floral Frame, Valentines Day and Easter Illustrations

Note: There is a file embedded within this post, please visit this post to download the file.



If you want to be the first to download future freebies from Pixel77, be sure to subscribe to our RSS.

Please share your thoughts with us – regarding our freebies – in the comments section below.


Daily Freebies from Pixel77 – Check-mark Stickers, Vintage Floral Frame, Valentine’s Day and Easter Illustrations is a post from Pixel 77

44 just launched some fresh and cool design resources! They’ve create the most funny mascot set ever! You can combine the body with different types of hair, eyes and mouths to create tons of geeky little boys, they are so goofy looking! Along with this one, they’ve created another set of 40 vector stickers, which you can use in tons of projects. The cherry on the cake is the Free Brushes Tribal Set they are giving away! Check them out!

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design tnt geek mascots vector set 1 preview 11 Geek Mascots Vector Set 1, Stickers Vector Set 1 and Freebie   Fresh Goodies on!

geek vector mascot Geek Mascots Vector Set 1, Stickers Vector Set 1 and Freebie   Fresh Goodies on!

This set contains a geek mascot builder with tons of possible combinations. The file is 100% vector, you can easily scale it to fit in a website or a huge print. Enjoy!

Stickers Vector Set 1

design tnt stickers vector set 1 preview 111 Geek Mascots Vector Set 1, Stickers Vector Set 1 and Freebie   Fresh Goodies on!

This set contains 40 high-quality vector stickers you can use in websites, prints, illustrations and more. Simply open the file, copy the desired sticker and paste it into your design.

Free Brushes Tribal Set

designTNT free brushes tribal 1 preview 11 Geek Mascots Vector Set 1, Stickers Vector Set 1 and Freebie   Fresh Goodies on!

This set contains 5 hi-res tribal brushes you can use in your designs – for free. Please do not sell, redistribute or claim them as your own.

While you’re at it, why don’t you head on over to and check out their awesome gallery of design resources, they have a top notch collection of PS and AI addons, PS brushes, textures, tutorials, vectors and web goodies!

Geek Mascots Vector Set 1, Stickers Vector Set 1 and Freebie – Fresh Goodies on! is a post from Pixel 77

Your Yahoo! avatar is a cartoonlike character that you can create for your Yahoo! account. You can customize the avatar's look, hairstyle, accessories and clothes, adding a touch of personalization to your account. Once you set up your avatar for you...

We’ve prepared a spooky treat for you guys this Halloween! We know you like to have fun, you like to party and to make the most out of every holiday. That’s why we’ve created 5 awesome Halloween Vector Masks to use if you’re throwing a party, if you or your kids are going trick-or-treating or simply to have fun with your friends or to use on your designs!

All 5 Halloween vector masks are high quality work as they are created in house by one of our talented artists. All you have to do is: adjust their size (if you print them for a kid, they have to be a li

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ttle smaller than an A4 sheet), print them on normal paper or a thicker paper, cut out the mask, add an elastic and there you have it – a new and scary Halloween face! Or you can use them as you wish in your design projects, it’s up to you!

pixel 77 halloween masks preview Giveaway   Win 5 Scary Halloween Vector Masks!

Each mask is inspired by a famous scary character or has it’s own story. We’ve printed them just to show you how they would look (we had a laugh about it), check it out:

1. Zombie – this term is used to describe an animated corpse that was brought to life by mystical means such as witchcraft. Zombies are like a hypnotized person, without self-awareness, but ambulant and responsive to surrounding actions. Check out the movie Zombie (1979) or Day of the Dead. Beware, these movies are not for the light of heart!

2. Jigsaw – is a famous character from the Saw movie. In the movie, Jigsaw forces others through deadly trials in order to make them appreciate their own lives by testing their will to live. He received the name Jigsaw because he used to cut puzzle pieces out of the flesh of his victims if they failed an ordeal.

Halloween Vector Mask Giveaway 1 Giveaway   Win 5 Scary Halloween Vector Masks!

3. Guy Fawkes – also known as Guido Fawkes, was a member of the provincial English Catholics who planned the Gunpowder Plot (1605) to abolish the protestant government by blowing up the Parliament with the king and all the high class protestants inside. This mask has become known world-wide along with the increasing popularity of the movie “V for Vendetta” and now it is a symbol of anonymity.

4. Smiley – this is an over-sized smile with enormous teeth and greenish skin. It can be the smile of a huge, ugly green ogre, or the smile of The Mask. Anyway, it’s a freakin’ hilarious and green smile! I wouldn’t like to wake up to the sight of this face in the morning!

Halloween Vector Mask Giveaway 2 Giveaway   Win 5 Scary Halloween Vector Masks!

5. Jack Skellington – it’s a character in Disney’s ’93 movie The Nightmare Before Christmas. Jack is also known as the “Pumpkin King” of Halloween town and he usually appears on this holiday as a skeleton dressed in a black pin-striped suit or a scarecrow with a pumpkin for a head.

6. Doink – he is the artist behind these Halloween Vector Masks – literally and figuratively!

Halloween Vector Mask Giveaway 3 Giveaway   Win 5 Scary Halloween Vector Masks!

Here’s what you have to do to win these cool 5 Halloween Vector Masks from us:

1. Become our friend and join our RSS feed

2. Share this giveaway on Facebook

3. Leave a comment to this post (add the email address you used to subscribe) with a link to the FB share

4. If you’re already our RSS friend, all you have to do is share this post on Facebook and post a comment with the link

5. Everyone who enters the competition and does the first 3 points above will receive the Halloween Vector Masks Pack!

6. This giveaway is available from today, the 4th of October until the 14th of October. You will receive your prize on the 14th via email.

So what are you waiting for? Join the giveaway now! It’s so easy to win!

pixel 77 halloween masks preview1 Giveaway   Win 5 Scary Halloween Vector Masks!

Giveaway – Win 5 Scary Halloween Vector Masks! is a post from Pixel 77

Attractive websites sell

You come across hundreds of online advertisement and should have bumped into number of websites by choice or otherwise, but how many have made you say “Wow”? Do you remember any unique site just because of its novel and interesting design? Did any site attract you to really buy their products or services online?

For an online business, the websites are the actual sales persons which voice the ideas and services of its business. It needs to be colorful, attractive and sensible to touch the hearts of millions and get business on the process.

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Designtnt website design1 How to create an effective website design

Designing a site is not just fun but a serious task to attract readers and capture real business. A simple, boring site no matter how quality the product will never get a hit list unless it has some flying colors and attractive designs for eyes of the browser.

The website should have the following successful ingredients other than the actual business content to make it a real hit:

Effective Color scheme

The websites speak and sell your business idea, hence following the internet marketing psychology, color plays a vital role in attracting visitors to your site and browse the stuff you really intent to sell. Selecting an effective color for your website will bring you flying colors as well in results. There are numbers of resources available in net and market at large to help you seek the right color choice.

Danner website1 How to create an effective website design


Capturing the right emotions in the right place is very essential to make the browser really halt in your site to get a good glimpse of the content. Just words will not do that wonder instead faces, various expressions should be used appropriately and creatively to bring the desired emotions out.

Charlstone website design How to create an effective website design

Pictures and graphics

Adding creative pictures and graphics is a must in today’s Internet world of marketing. You need to grab the attention of the prospective customer through unique yet powerful images and presentations.

Denise Chandler website design How to create an effective website design

Time saving story boards

Instead of using hundreds of words, a simple and short flash story board could save lot of time of the readers and also can invite their attention to go deeper if they are interested in your business idea.

The Internet is a visual and psychological medium to communicate and sell your products and services. Your website leaves a psychological impact to the visitors hence with proper words and presentations it can make your business profitable and became an inspiration for others to follow. Using innovation and creativity with proper understanding of the needs and emotions of the customers will go a long way to capturing the needed traffic for your website and hence for your business. By this way, you can attract lots of people to your website.

jax vineyards web design How to create an effective website design

Did you recently bumped into an extremely attractive website? Please share it with us.

How to create an effective website design is a post from Pixel 77

The difference between web design and web development has become blurred. This confusion may cause problems for a web design company and its clients. Web design has become a generic term that encompasses design and development.
It is important for companies to make their clients aware that a successful website requires excellent design and development. Equally, clients should be prepared to make the effort to understand the difference. This understanding makes the specification and approval process more straightforward.
Web Design
Web design determines the look and feel of a web
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site. It covers the layout, navigation and colors of a website. It may also include graphic and logo design. Web design is more concerned with aesthetics and user experience than functions.  A web designer will make a website easy to use and fit for purpose.

Web Development
In contrast, web development provides the functions and features of a website. It is about the back end programming and not the face of a website. Functions covered by web development include registration, content management systems, e-commerce and any database applications. Web development enables visitors to carry out actions on a website.

Web Design Skills
A good web designer will have graphic design skills and a good understanding of marketing. He or she will know how to grab the attention of visitors and encourage them to explore a website.

Web Development Skills
A good web developer will have excellent programming skills and be able to use a range of programming tools. He or she will be able to provide solutions to give a website the functions required.
There will be some overlap of skills between web designers and web developers. It is unusual for one person to be both an excellent designer and developer.
Web Design Tools
Web designers use software such as Photoshop, Flash and Fireworks. They will also have a good working knowledge of typography, color theory and web accessibility.

Web Development Tools
Web developers will use a range of programming tools such as ASP, Javascript, XML and SQL. These are just some of the more well-known tools. There are many others and new tools are being developed all the time. For example, mobile apps have created a huge demand for developers with the relevant knowledge.
Overlapping Tools
Most designers and developers will be familiar with HTML and CSS.
Web Design, Web Development and WordPress
The development of WordPress provides an interesting example of the difference between web design and web development. The web design of a WordPress site is determined by selecting a theme. The theme includes the use of colors, columns, fonts, navigation and titles.

After selecting a WordPress theme, you may add functionality to your website by using widgets and selecting plug-ins. These functions equate to web development.
Many people with no web design and development skills have created reasonable websites. However, experienced web designers and developers can create great websites. Such websites will have unique designs, functions and features.
Which is More Important?
Research has shown that visitors judge a website in just a few seconds. Therefore, good website design is required to make the website attractive and easy to use. Good website development is required to give the website interesting features and functions. Ideally, web designers and web developers should work together to retain visitors and encourage return visits. Design and development are equally important.
In conclusion, both web design and web development are essential to produce an effective website. Web design should be integrated with web development. This approach gives the best chance of creating an outstanding website.
Your turn now.
Which is more important to you: web design or web development?
What is the Difference Between Web Design and Web Development? is a post from Pixel77 – Graphic design blog with tutorials, resources and inspiration.
There is no doubt so many of us are blogging in order to create a source of income to support ourselves and family and even if you want to help a lot of people with as much free content as you can you still need to be compensated for your efforts.
There are so many ways to make money from blogging; it can either be by offering your services, accepting advertisers or by creating a product. Creating a product can be a great form of passive income for your blog on the long run and one great kind of product you can create is a membership site.

Source image: Makemoneyideasite
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here are so many great advantages to creating a membership site, the two most notable advantages being it can be a great form of recurring and passive income and it also makes it difficult for people who are not paying to get your content for free.
Even though creating a membership site has a lot of great advantages it also has a lot of disadvantages, and one of those great disadvantages is that it can be difficult getting people to sing up to your membership site. Below are a few tips to help you get more visitors to sign up to your blog’s membership site.
Create Premium Content and Create Awareness about It
The first step you have to take towards getting your readers to sign up to your membership site is to create premium content. People won’t just sign up to your membership site for the fun of it and you have to let them realize the great value they will be getting by being a member. I wouldn’t join a membership site if I can easily get the same information elsewhere.

Image source:
When creating a membership site for your blog make sure the content and products in the membership site can’t be found on your blog, and let your readers know this. Let them know that they will be the only one getting exclusive access to your content and it will be easy for them to justify their reason for paying for access.
Another important thing to do when trying to get a lot of people to sign up to your membership site is to presell. By doing this you will be creating awareness about your membership site and its importance and you will be making readers want to be a member as soon as possible.

Image source: Imarketingblog
Preselling is the process of you creating awareness about a product before you’re ready to sell it. For example you can start telling your readers about your membership site in your blog posts before you launch it, you can also build an email list for people interested in joining your membership site and you can start giving them an idea of what they will be getting should they decide to join you. This way you would have made a lot of people interested in joining because they will have the impression that they will be gaining a lot of value by doing so and some of them would even go to the extent of telling their friends about it.
Tell Your Readers about Your Membership Site with Clear Call to Actions
A lot of people create products and then complain about not making sales when they are yet to tell their readers about it. If you really want sales you need to let your readers know that you have a membership site, you need to let them know the importance of joining your membership site and you have to use clear call to actions to encourage them to join your membership site.

Image source: Red Bull Facebook Page (funny and pretty clear call to action, right?)
There is no way people will buy what they have no idea exists so the best thing you can do is let them know your membership site exists, how much it costs to be a member, the importance of being a member while at the same time using clear call to actions to encourage them to be a member.
Your turn now.
What persuaded you to sign up for a membership on a blog?
How to Persuade Your Visitors to Sign Up to Your Blog’s Membership Plan is a post from Pixel77 – Graphic design blog with tutorials, resources and inspiration.
Being a freelancer implies being your own boss and doing what you want, when you want, right? Even if that’s true, it doesn’t mean that you can have a chaotic order for your activities as a self employed. You need to learn how to organize your time so that you can be more efficient in what you do.

Image source:
You may have noticed that I avoid to say “time management”, that’s because most creative professionals have an allergy when it comes to this notion. I think that “to organize” sounds less dramatic, don’t you? When we
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hear important people (speakers, professors, great minds) saying big words (like “time management” for example), it seems like they are talking about something difficult to do, that we can’t wrap our heads around. Today I’m going to talk to you about how you can organize your daily activity so that you get things done on time and with less effort.
Every idea you have is a small project
Consider every idea you have as a small project. Each activity you carry out to put that idea into practice is a step of the process of making that idea happen. Just imagine that creative persons are full of ideas, the only problem for them is to put them into practice. You can have 100 ideas in a day, if you don’t know what to do with them, those ideas are doomed to be forgotten or abandoned.
For example, you want to make a Photoshop tutorial with theme “Transformers 3″. This is not a one task idea, this implies doing a series of things, so you can consider it a small project. Included in this project there will be the actions you need to do to make this idea happen: research, find resources, draw a sketch, put the sketch on your computer, use the appropriate program to finish the design, write the steps, create the images for the tutorial, publish the tutorial on your blog, promote your tutorial on other websites, social networks, reply to the feedback you get on that tutorial. You see, there are so many things you need to do to make that idea happen and to fructify it.

Image source:
Write it down
So, the first step in organizing your ideas is to consider them as individual projects and to WRITE THEM DOWN. Your memory can only keep a limited number of ideas at a time and if you don’t want to lose that thought, put it on paper. As you have seen in the example above, having an idea implies a series of other actions. Maybe you don’t have the time right now to make that idea happen, maybe you are currently working on a design project for an important client. So just grab a piece of paper, a notebook, or write it in your computer so it doesn’t get lost. The important thing is to keep your focus on one task and not jump to another thing, as an idea comes along – write down that idea so that you can come back to it later and then go back to what you were doing and focus on finishing that.

Image source:
Asides from ideas, you need to write down the things you have to do  – yes, I’m talking about a “to do” list. You can do it in the morning and write down the tasks you need to accomplish that day, or you can do it at the end of a week for the next week, if you can plan so far in advance. This will get you a clear idea of what you have to do and it saves you from forgetting to do something.
Mind maps
Ok, now I’m starting to use some big words, don’t be afraid! This is so simple, it just has a pompous name. What’s this mind map notion all about: pick up a piece of paper, a post-it, whatever you can find and in the middle write down your idea.
For example: the idea can be “Publish an article about time management”. Circle that idea and then think about what you have to do to make that idea happen. Each thought that pops up your mind, draw an arrow from the main idea and write it. Do the same with each new thought. For example, the first thought that runs through my mind is to see where can I get some information about time management, then from this thought I go to “I can search on Google”, or I can “Search on Wikipedia” or “Ask my colleagues” and so on.
The thing about mind maps is that it allows you to put your thoughts on paper and it frees you from that idea for the moment so that you can focus on something else. Because if you have an idea pressing your mind, you can’t concentrate, so just make a quick mind map and put it aside for when you will have time to put it into practice.
Here is an example of a mind map so you can understand better:

Image source: Mindmapinspiration via Flickr
Prioritize your activity
It’s not important only to write down your tasks, you also have to write them in a certain order. As you may have guessed, you have to write the most important tasks first and then the less important. Remember that most people are by default more efficient in the first part of the day because that’s when they are rested and they can function at high capacity.
Here is one way of prioritizing your tasks according to their importance:
Extreme -> High -> Medium -> Low -> Idle
For example, you can include reading emails, making phone calls to “low”, changing my Twitter background to “idle”, finishing step 2 of my design project today “high”, “revising and sending the final project” to “extreme” if the project is pass it’s due date.
Make Your Working Space Family Proof
This one applies for freelancers who work at home and have kids or other members of the family in the house while they’re working. Try to create a room (as small as it may be) just for you. Get everything you need in there – computer, drawing pane, scanner, printer, fax, phone – so that you don’t need to get out to get something and get distracted by the tv or your kids, or your sister and so on.
Let everybody know that you are working on something and you need to keep your focus on that and nicely ask them not to bother you unless there is something burning (literally).

Image source: Interior Design Online Magazine via Flickr
Learn to say no
Being in a creative field, there is always some cousin, friend of your mother’s who needs your help with something – obviously for free, because he knows you. I know a lot of people that don’t know how to refuse a person and they take on that job, even if they have an important project to finish – even if it means to stay up all night and in the end to make a mess out of both projects.
You have to value your time more! Your time is precious, is the most valuable resource you have – and it’s so limited! There’s nothing bad in thinking about you for a change, not about what others may think of you if you turn them down. Even more, if you tell them nicely that you are caught up in a very important project and you don’t have time for their gig, but you will let them know when you’re a little more free, they might not even get so upset.
In conclusion, if you learn to say “no”, you will have more time to focus on your projects and to make your ideas happen!
Your turn now.
How do you organize your time, what is your secret recipe? Do you find it difficult to make your ideas happen?
Valuable Tips to Organize Your Time and to Make Your Ideas Happen is a post from Pixel77 – Graphic design blog with tutorials, resources and inspiration.
With all the heat outside, even our prices are starting to melt! dropped down the heat on all the products and reduced their prices to half for a whole week!

This week, starting Monday the 27th of June and ending Sunday, the 3rd of July, we have a special price on all the vector goodies on – 50% off!
This is a huge opportunity to get your hands on those vector resources you needed so much for your design projects but you couldn’t afford to get at the regular price!

Here is a small preview of the top notch vector goodies you c
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an add to your library:
Vector Packs -  Regular price: $10; This week’s special price: only $5!

If you need high quality vector art you’ve come to the right place. These are stock vector elements that save you both time and money. Hand drawn by our skilled designers, they can be used and turned into unique designs in minutes.
Extended license included in price! You don’t need an extra license to print or publish them. Just download and ENJOY!!

These are only a few categories of vector packs, visit to see all the categories!

Photoshop Brushes – Regular price: $10; This week’s special price: only $5!
Our amazing library of Photoshop Brushes will impress you, we have from floral swirls to grunges and abstract, a total of over 120 packs of Photoshop brushes, all top notch.
All the brushes are high res because we provide only quality products. Minimum version of Photoshop to use our brushes is CS.

These are only a few examples of brushes, visit to see the entire collection!
Fonts - Regular price: $15; This week’s special price: only $7,5!
Looking to add that special touch to your designs? You almost got it but you feel there’s something missing? We’ve designed several fonts so you can stop searching for that special something.
They are a good addition to our vector packs and t-shirt designs. Our designers have tried their best to provide you with the fonts that every designer should have, just take a peak.

These are only a few fonts, visit to see the entire collection of fonts!
T-Shirt Designs - Regular price: $10; This week’s special price: only $5!
These vector t-shirt designs are a great resource. You can print and sell them right away without any other license, or just use them for web or software.
We did our best to keep the number of colors at a minimum so you can easily print them on your t-shirts, hoodies and not only.
All the t-shirt designs come in vector format (.eps), so you can easily change colors, edit text, or add extra design elements!

These are only a very small part of the entire t-shirt designs collection, visit for more!
Mega Packs - Regular price: $35 – $70 ; This week’s special price: $17,5 – $35!
We’ve grouped our Vector Packs into collections – Mega Packs – so you can get up to 50% discounts! And then we have grouped our Mega Packs into GIGA PACKS so you can get 60% discount on all the Vector Packs included!

These are only a few Vector Mega Packs, visit to see the entire collection!
Remember, this is a limited time offer! It’s only available this week so hurry up and visit to get all the vector resources you need at half price! is Melting the Prices – 50% Discount on All Products! is a post from Pixel77 – Graphic design blog with tutorials, resources and inspiration.
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