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Everyone whether he has used any Mac device previously or he is very new to the Macintosh series of computers,...
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It is not enough for retail stores today to only operate on a physical level. Retailers need to have a great online presence as well. A lot of the same principles that are used in the interior design of a store can also be applied when building a website. Retail websites are unique. They need to be designed differently than online publications or a photographer’s online portfolio.

When a consumer comes to your website, they want a store that is easy to use. The brand message of your business h

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as to come across immediately. Without a good first impression, your store’s site could be scaring away potential customers.

Simple Organization

You would not design the visual merchandising of your store’s physical location in just any way. A store needs to adhere to certain organizational principles. The simpler your layout is, the better it is for your online store. Although you have the possibility of using complex Flash graphics and compounding a lot of information into a small area, it is not recommended for a retail website. Consider researching some popular Internet retailers, as well as your favorite online shopping websites, and see how simple their layouts are. With this in mind, use a website builder with a simple template to set up your retail shop online. Pre-existing templates make it easy for anyone to organize their site.

Display Your Brand

Just because you are keeping it simple on your site does not mean you do not need great images and other visual content to entice consumers. Keep the front page of your website up to date. Just like in an actual store, the freshest products and newest promotions are displayed at the front of the store. Do the same on a website. Make new stock and current specials the first thing that customers see when they arrive on the site’s homepage. If there is anything else that makes your store different than competitors, make it visible on the page. Your business’ website should be streamlined with its branding image. Aspects that make your business unique are an integral part of your branding. For example, this could be something like free shipping or a gift with purchase. Keep the most relevant information of your brand and business on the forefront of your business’ online image.

Website Necessities

Although you want to keep your website user-friendly and in line with your brand, there are some aspects that cannot be overlooked. Every website needs a search bar. It helps customers who are looking for something either general or specific. If your website’s navigation design is lacking, a search bar can prevent the person from leaving your online retail site. In addition to a search bar, every site also needs an easily navigated and organized criteria/category bar. This makes it easy for visitors to navigate through your products in an organized way.

A well-designed online retail site is as important as a store’s brick-and-mortar location. Do not underestimate the value a customer-friendly website will have on your business.

Friends, here’s a set of 13 high resolution blur backgrounds that you can use to display your designs, UI elements,...
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Today we have one of the best deal we’ve ever featured, and you’d have to be crazy not to grab this deal.

Whether you’re a designer or developer, these vector sets, texture packs, photoshop brushes, fonts, vector illustrations will save you hours of work, so the bundle essentially pays for itself.

What you get:

- 250 Vector Illustrations worth $1000

- Hundreds of Vectors & Vector Elements worth $785

- 20 T-shirt Designs worth $300

- 56 Styles for Illustrator worth $95

- 263 PS & Ai Brushes worth $140

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- 48 Textures worth $40

- 12 Fonts worth $120

- 175 Web Elements worth $164

All these resources come with an extended, multi-use license, allowing you to incorporate them into merchandise like: product packaging, CD covers, mugs, hoodies, etc.



World Map and Information Infographic Set worth $15


Financial Infographic & Data Visualization Set worth $15

Industrial Infographic & Data Visualization Set worth $15


Buildings and Residential Infographic & Data Visualization Set worth $15


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Travel Infographic & Data Visualization Set worth $15


Human Infographic & Data Visualization Set worth $15

Medical Infographic & Data Visualization Set worth $15


School Infographic & Data Visualization Set worth $15

Eco Infographic & Data Visualization Set worth $15


Communication Infographic & Data Visualization Set worth $15

Social Media Infographic & Data Visualization Set worth $15


Education Vector Set 2 – 17 Items Worth $15

Medical Vector Set 2 – 30 Items Worth $15


Industrial Vector Set 2 – 17 Items Worth $15

Nature Vector Set 2 – 30 Items Worth $15


Vector Animal Set 2 – 12 Items Worth $15


Vector Building Set 2 – 15 Items Worth $15


Vector Business Set 2 – 8 Items Worth $15

Drinks Vector Set 2 – 16 Items Worth $15


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Fashion Vector Set 2 – 25 Items Worth $15

Food Vector Set 2 – 12 Items Worth $15


Backgrounds Vector Set 2 – 12 Items Worth $15

People Vector Set 2 – 16 Items Worth $15


Sports Vector Set 2 – 20 Items Worth $15

Retro Vector Set 2 – 17 Items Worth $15


Vintage Carnival Vector Pack 1 – 8 Items Worth $15

Coffee Vector Labels and Badges Vector Set – 10 Items Worth $15


Vector Retro Alphabet – 26 Items Worth $15


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Retro Car Label Vectors Set – 10 Items Worth $15


Vintage & Retro Text Styles for Illustrator – 9 Items Worth $15

Fabric Graphic Styles for Illustrator – 11 Items Worth $15


Comic Book Text Styles for Illustrator – 8 Items Worth $15

Engraved Text Styles for Illustrator – 9 Items Worth $15


Logo Graphic Styles for Illustrator – 9 Items Worth $15

Metal Print Block Generator for Illustrator – 10 Items Worth $20


Floral Vector Pack 83 – 12 Items Worth $10

Floral Vector Pack 84 – 12 Items Worth $10


Floral Vector Pack 85 – 12 Items Worth $10

Floral Vector Pack 86 – 12 Items Worth $10


Floral Vector Pack 87 – 12 Items Worth $10

Floral Vector Pack 88 – 10 Items Worth $10


Floral Vector Pack 89 – 12 Items Worth $10

Floral Vector Pack 90 – 10 Items Worth $10


Floral Vector Pack 91 – 10 Items Worth $10

Floral Vector Pack 92 – 10 Items Worth $10


Seamless Patterns Vector Pack 142 – 6 Items Worth $10

Seamless Patterns Vector Pack 143 – 6 Items Worth $10


Seamless Patterns Vector Pack 144 – 6 Items Worth $10

Seamless Patterns Vector Pack 145 – 6 Items Worth $10


Seamless Patterns Vector Pack 146 – 6 Items Worth $10

Seamless Patterns Vector Pack 147 – 6 Items Worth $10


Seamless Patterns Vector Pack 148- 6 Items Worth $10

Seamless Patterns Vector Pack 149 – 6 Items Worth $10


Seamless Patterns Vector Pack 150 – 6 Items Worth $10

Seamless Patterns Vector Pack 151 – 6 Items Worth $10


T-Shirt Design 680 Worth $15

T-Shirt Design 681 Worth $15


T-Shirt Design 682 Worth $15

T-Shirt Design 683 Worth $15


T-Shirt Design 684 Worth $15

T-Shirt Design 685 Worth $15


T-Shirt Design 686 Worth $15

T-Shirt Design 687 Worth $15


T-Shirt Design 688 Worth $15

T-Shirt Design 689 Worth $15


T-Shirt Design 690 Worth $15

T-Shirt Design 691 Worth $15


T-Shirt Design 692 Worth $15

T-Shirt Design 693 Worth $15


T-Shirt Design 694 Worth $15

T-Shirt Design 695 Worth $15


T-Shirt Design 696 Worth $15

T-Shirt Design 696 Worth $15


T-Shirt Design 697 Worth $15

T-Shirt Design 698 Worth $15


T-Shirt Design 699 Worth $15

Colorful Illustrator Brushes Set – 8 Items Worth $10


Footprint Brushes Set – 9 Items Worth $10

Blend Art Brushes Set – 20 Items Worth $10


Border Pattern Illustrator Brushes Set – 30 Items Worth $10

Floral Brushes Pack 28 – 22 Items Worth $10


Floral Brushes Pack 29 – 24 Items Worth $10

Floral Brushes Pack 30 – 20Items Worth $10


Floral Brushes Pack 31 – 12 Items Worth $10

Floral Brushes Pack 32 – 22 Items Worth $10


Floral Brushes Pack 33 – 22 Items Worth $10

Floral Brushes Pack 34 – 20 Items Worth $10


Floral Brushes Pack 35 – 10 Items Worth $10

Floral Brushes Pack 36 – 24 Items Worth $10


Floral Brushes Pack 37 – 20 Items Worth $10

Ribbonesque Font worth $10


Caligraphique Font worth $10

Metalique Font worth $10


Sketch Font 1 worth $10

Sketch Font 2 worth $10


3D Sketch Font worth $10

Scratch Font worth $10


Graffiti Font 1 worth $10

Graffiti Font 2 worth $10


Medieval Font 1 worth $10

Medieval Font 2 worth $10


Medieval Font 3 worth $10

Concrete textures Set – 11 Items Worth $10


Grunge Wood Textures Set – 10 Items Worth $10

Rusted Metal Textures Set – 11 Items Worth $10


Stained Paper Textures Set – 16 Items Worth $10

Clean vCard Template – 1 Items Worth $10


HTML Video Player Skin – 1 Item Worth $7

Pull Out JQuery Widgets – 5 Items Worth $15


Coming Soon Page HTML Template – 1 Item Worth $7

Flat Shopping Cart Set 2 – 5 Items Worth $10


IOS Flat UI Set 2 – 6 Items Worth $15

Flat Call to Action Buttons Set – 36 Items Worth $10


Flat Marketing Banners Set – 9 Items Worth $10

Modern Tags Set – 21 Items Worth $10


Retro Web Ribbons Set 3 – 30 Items Worth $10

Retro Badges Set 6 – 6 Items Worth $10


Vintage Style UI Kit – 10 Items Worth $15

Vintage Labels Set 3 – 7 Items Worth $10


Astronauts Vector Pack 1- 6 Items Worth $15

Dark Eco Vector Pack 1 – 6 Items Worth $15


Dino Vector Pack 1 – 6 Items Worth $15

Gothic Vector Pack 5 – 6 Items Worth $15


Gothic Lions Vector Pack 1 – 6 Items Worth $15

Scrolls Vector Pack 17 – 6 Items Worth $15


Sharks Vector Pack 1 – 6 Items Worth $15

Skulls Vector Pack 37 – 6 Items Worth $15


Wild West Vector Pack 2 – 6 Items Worth $15

40 Business Vector Illustrations worth $160

40 Buildings Vector Illustrations worth $160


50 Nature Vector Illustrations worth $200

40 Animal Vector Illustrations worth $160


40 Food Vector Illustrations worth $160

40 Vector Backgrounds worth $160

Terms and Conditions

Files are delivered as an instant download.
All these files are suitable for both Windows and Mac OS.
Files can be used in an unlimited number of personal or commercial projects or in merchandise.
Reselling, sharing, redistributing and giving away is NOT permitted.

Get all these items, with extended license, for only $59! This is by far the best web design deal we have ever featured!


Friends, this is a notepaper PSD mockup pinned to a wooden board. This is one creative way to showcase your...
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Unemployment is a global problem as many countries still find themselves in the midst of a recession (or are just crawling out of one). That means, competition is high for open positions in almost every field.

Managing a profitable business during a recession is not easy, especially for the self-employed. However working from an office is not the only safe option. Despite the dim outlook, many opportunities for home based businesses still exist. Any task that can be accomplished at home can become a home based business.

Online Businesses

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Many home based businesses choose to start an online business. Online businesses are no longer limited to virtual storefronts selling a product. Today, home based businesses include blogs about product reviews, political commentary or humor, and are created and owned by a single individual, working from a home office; also, they are pretty easy to make using a free website maker. Social networks have expanded the reach of the party business, allowing the party organizer to sit at a desk while reaching out to potential customers across the globe. Freelance workers are no longer only writers and journalists, but include programmers, web site designers, graders for university courses, editors, publishers and artists. Consulting services for making green choices for the home and business, help organizing and removing clutter, or public relations can also be home based businesses. While sales of physical products are still the most widespread home based business, new ideas are constantly being explored. A quick search will yield pages of results for websites dedicated to ideas for home based businesses and the tools to manage an online business. The possibility of generating income from home is not declining, but growing.

Revisited Idea

The idea of a home based business has been in existence for centuries. Prior to the Industrial Revolution, most businesses were managed from the home. Farming was not only for subsistence; excess crops would be sold or bartered. Homes produced goods for commercial sale including cloth, lace, medicines, baked goods, toys and other necessities. Workers in skilled trades such as furniture making or blacksmithing worked out of their homes or a nearby shop. Writers would sit at home putting pen to paper creating novels, poetry, newspaper and journal articles.

After the Industrial Revolution, the home based business declined, as machine made products were less expensive and produced more quickly. Yet families still lived above the stores operated on the ground floor, and clothing alterations were still carried out by individuals. In the 1950s, the party plan (or Tupperware Party) opened a new type of home based business, that has expended to the cosmetics and kitchen goods industries. Today, home based businesses still include farms selling their produce, crafters with handmade goods ranging from clothing to home decorations and artisans producing custom work with more detail than mass-production machinery. The methods by which products and services are bought and sold may change, but the home business opportunity will always have a niche in the marketplace.

The exact number of home-based businesses today is unknown. According to a U.S. Bureau of Labor report, there are approximately 18.3 million home-based businesses, while other reports have that number at close to 38 million. Either way, millions are taking the plunge back into home-based businesses, thanks to the ease of working from home through Internet opportunities.

User can also customize these themes according to his requirements and are able to choose different backgrounds, windows’ colors and...
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One of the key components of good web design for an eCommerce store is the logo. Through your logo, you can set your store apart, and you can also make it easier for people to recognize your store. The logo should appear in one of the top corners on every page. You should also use it on your social media platforms to make sure people can quickly identify you. However, constructing a logo is more than just coming up with an image. You must make sure that you develop the logo so that it works within your overall web design

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and remains identifiable.

Simplified Palette

Some of the best logos are also some of the simplest. Think of the McDonald’s logo and the Target logo. Both of these logos are exceptionally simple in their formation, and they only have one or two colors. They aren’t great works of art. They aren’t incredible to look at. They are simple, and they are recognizable. If your logo has more than two colors, then you need to reconsider your logo design. You don’t have to match every color present in your web design in the logo. Choose the primary or the contrast color as the main logo color, and keep the color selection as simple as possible.

Viewability Regardless of the Size

You never know what devices people will be viewing your website or your social media pages on. Having a recognizable logo allows customers to immediately connect it with your brand. This means that you need to have a logo that is viewable regardless of the size. In other words, it should be viewable as a thumbnail as well as a on a large screen. Most of the time, when you’re using something like furniture web templates, you will have the option of uploading a standard sized logo as well as various thumbnails. Check to make sure that the logo can be viewed clearly in each of these sizes. To help achieve this goal, you should make sure that you use clean lines and avoid anything that distorts when it is shrunk.


Memorable Logo

The logo itself needs to be memorable. Otherwise, it does no good. Creating memorability can be challenging, but most businesses accomplish this by tapping into the core of their business. In some cases, you must think of your business in an abstract fashion. Target developed the bull’s eye to represent getting the best sales each and every time. Most people don’t automatically associate bull’s eyes with shopping, but Target managed to create that association. It is now one of the more commonly known logos in the United States.

When you are developing your logo, you need to keep in mind certain key elements for the design so that it will work within your web design as a whole. First, make sure that you use only a simplified palette. Logos are not places for details. Make sure that the logo itself remains viewable, regardless of the scale. This way, people can recognize it quickly. Also take the time to develop a logo that is memorable, even if you have to think outside the box.

In this tutorial, we’ll learn how to create a Retro Lights and Lazers wallpaper in Photoshop with vibrant colours and...
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